Services We Provide

Contech Systems has a strong track record of providing efficient, reliable recruiting solutions. Our services speed time to hire, minimize risks and enhance productivity.

Staff Augmentation
We supplement your existing staff with experienced consultants who have targeted skills and ramp up quickly. Contech Systems leverages your time and budget to boost results on a short-term or project basis.

Benefit → Clients achieve the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions, plus access to individuals with the latest technology expertise.

Right to Hire
Our right to hire service affords clients the flexibility to measure a candidate’s skills over an extended period of time before hiring them permanently.

Benefit → Both parties can evaluate the viability of a long-term relationship, and clients are able to use their recruiting budget more effectively and with less risk.

Permanent Placement
Contech Systems locates and evaluates strong candidates, then provides clients with a manageable choice of qualified individuals. Reference checks and technical reviews ensure candidates meet both technical and cultural requirements.

Benefit → Our IT and recruiting expertise and thorough screening process minimizes our clients’ work to attract high-caliber professionals for staff positions.

Customized Training
Contech Systems provides on-demand training to ensure that your hires have the skills to effectively perform their jobs. We also provide training on proprietary software and niche technologies for our clients’ existing staff.

Benefit → Not only does this service expand the pool of potential candidates with hard-to-find skills, it also eliminates the need to create internal training programs from scratch.