Recruitment Methodology

Reliable, responsive recruiting
Contech Systems strives to be the “go-to” company—our clients’ right-hand source to identify perfect-fit IT resources. Our technology-driven, thorough approach produces a superior end result:

1. Understanding exact requirements
This part’s easy for us, given our strong technology orientation. We listen carefully and document requirements accurately, the first time.

2. Creative candidate sourcing
Our strength lies in understanding the type of individual it takes to do your job—and also who isn’t a good fit. In addition to traditional methods, we tap into our extensive professional and referral networks. We also direct source passive candidates with confidence.

3. Stringent screening processes
If a candidate doesn’t meet our exacting standards, then they are not going to meet yours. We only submit candidates who can perform from a technology standpoint and have the communication and business skills to excel.

4. Complete follow-through
We serve as advocates throughout the negotiation process and maintain frequent communications to ensure the satisfaction of clients and placed candidates.

Contech Systems has built a reputation for quality on the strength of our recruiting process. Learn more about how we’ve helped clients achieve strong results in our case study section.